Drone & Bass is a Live World House Music Experience

Drone & Bass ArtBar Flyer.jpg

Drone & Bass blur the lines between a traditional DJ Set and Music Production by using live Instrumentation, Looping & Dj Techniques culminating in an Uplifting Set that Moves the Body & Soul. 

Visuals by 11:11 will take you on a  <> Nature Meets Digital Mandalas <>

Trip Around Our Majestic Earth, the Ether & Beyond.

Drone & Bass consist of Keith Kohn - Love & Music Junkie Human living in Los Angeles

Skills -  Groove Provider. Music Technology, Sound Environmentalist

Likes -  Love, Family, Bhakti Yoga, Shakin the Room with Future Primitive Beats

Dislikes - Injustice, Oppression, Corruption

Yogi Hyim, a world touring Yamaha sponsored multi-instrumentalist who has studied music in India, Brazil, Cuba and Mars. 

Together they are ∆ Drone & Bass

The Intention and Offering of ∆ Drone & Bass ∆ is to Amplify Consciousness through Music & Dance.